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Leverage (Or... How To Get A Disproportionate Return On Your Investment Of Time, Energy Or Money)

How can you propel yourself forward in life & achieve any goal you set in the minimum amount of time possible?

The answer can be summarized in 1 word: Leverage.

As Archimedes, the renowned Greek mathematician, famously once said:

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world."

It's an example that illustrates with enough ‘leverage’, anything becomes possible, including moving the world hypothetically…

But no, this is not just about physics…

We believe this statement & idea holds the key to accelerating personal growth & progress towards your goals (whatever they may be for you)

Here's how...

To start, it's worth noting (or reminding ourselves) of 2 basic things...

First, every action you take triggers a reaction, adhering to the law of "cause and effect."

Secondly, those causes & effects while equal in the grand scheme of things may not be so in how we personally (or subjectively perceive them). 

As human beings, we place higher value on certain things over others, based on our unique conditioning & identity.

Based on these 2 things, some actions require significant investments of time, energy, or money, but they yield minimal or even negative returns… 

(these are the actions that drain your resources and offer little in return.)

Common examples include destructive habits like excessive drinking, smoking, or drug use, which consume your time in addition to using up your money all while eroding your health, energy, relationships, and overall quality of life…

Clearly, the goal is to eliminate such detrimental actions from your life — that's the first key.

Secondly, there are also many actions that yield a "proportionate return."

For every unit of time, energy, or money you invest in these, you receive a roughly equivalent unit of value in return.

A typical example is having a job, where you exchange a set amount of time for a specific income — a 1-to-1 exchange.

Important, sure... but not very leveraged.

So, we continue on as the real essence of this section of the newsletter lies in actions that offer a "disproportionate return." (a.k.a. leverage!)

Here, you invest just one unit of time or energy and receive two, five, or even ten units of value in return.

Imagine learning a skill that enhances your life significantly.

For instance, consider taking a speed-reading course that might cost $100 & takes 4 hours of your time.

Well, with this skill (‘speed reading’), you read books faster & comprehend better, saving you countless hours throughout your life.

In this scenario, your investment yields a 10x return (a 1:10 input-to-output ratio) & the benefits are perpetual.

Similarly, when instead of sharing your thoughts with one person, you instead, invite people to a presentation, get up on stage & talk to 100 people at the same time, that's highly leveraged…

(you're communicating to all 100 people at once, generating a substantial return for your time investment of time).

So, the question to ask yourself is...

How can you:

  • 1) get rid of those things that give you a negative return on your investment or time, energy, or money?…

  • 2) look for & take advantage of various ways to gain greater leverage in what you do?


A big part of ‘leverage’ is doing the right things not once, but repeatedly (a.k.a. good habits).

Well, in our other, free, companion newsletter, we identify, curate & deliver you deep dives into the very best habits you can possible build which will make the biggest difference to your success & happiness in life (‘leverage’). It’s called:

As part of it, we do the heavy lifting & boring work — of sifting through the latest scientific research, research journals & studies — for you...

...& deliver you a detailed breakdown of these very best habits you can build...

(the ones scientifically-proven to make the biggest difference for you; also as practices by the world's most successful people!)...

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“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw


Meticulously Track Your Time (Or... A Simple Way To Improve Productivity Without Doing Anything Else!)

In a recent newsletter, we talked about the power of tracking...

Well, today, we want to share with you how can you can apply this simple technique to greatly improve your productivity & time management

(& also another way to practically implement the 'leverage' advice offered above ^)

The hack is to meticulously track your time.

You're going to pick a day — can even be today if it's early enough, or start tomorrow morning — take a sheet of paper, a journal, or a time tracking worksheet & then proceed to write out everything that you spend even a few minutes of your time on...

You wake up at 7 am for example... what do you first?

Write down 5 min shower, or spend 15 minutes rolling around in bed or doom-scrolling social media?

Then what do you do next?

Brushing teeth: 2 minutes.

Making coffee: 3 minutes.

Meditation: 10 minutes.

Hit the gym in the morning? (great, how long does that take?)

Then, as you start your workday...

What's the first thing you do?

How long did you do that for?

You get distracted... ok, how long for?

You check social media for a minute, but it ends up being 20 minutes of mindless scrolling?

Write that down too.

Write everything down.

Sorting files on desktop: 10 minutes.

Watching funny Youtube video: 2 minutes.

Everything: in as much detail as possible...

Important: don't necessarily analyze it while you're doing it, you're definetly going to do after the fact.

Once you've completed 1 day (or a few days ideally so you can look for patterns in your days), what you're going to do is analyze it, as well as looking for all the good ways you're spending your time (realizing this will make you feel you & reinforce your effort) as well as all bad ways (a.k.a. time wasting).

You're going to take your typical day & put a ' + ' next to all the good uses of your time (potentially also making the ones that give you high leverage as well, as mentioned early.).

And then you're going to mark all the less productive or time-wasting things with a ' - ' & strive to minimize time spent on these.

Then, you're going to keep noticing these & writing them down when you track your day the next time.

And in this example, you are going to consciously strive to improve.

And you will!

So, meticulously track your time, build up this self-awareness, gain leverage & use this to improve your productivity, performance & life 😃 


In a world in which your attention is under attack, focus is scattered, distraction seems a constant & overwhelm feels all too common...

…how can you take back control of your time, focus & attention, to achieve your goals, faster?”

…that’s the question at the heart & soul of the Potencia focus course, which is titled;

'Laser-Like Focus' is a game-changing methodology, system, practical steps — & in-depth, 3-part, video training course walking you through it all — to eradicate distraction & tune into greater focus in your life…

The 'Laser-Like focus' course itself consists of eye-opening insights as well as big-picture frameworks that'll first give you a better understanding of attention (& how it works) than 99% of people in the world have...

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