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‘Implementation Intention’ (Or… The 1 Simple Sentence That Can 2X - 3X Your Implementation Rate & Results!)

This may just be one of the simplest yet most effective techniques for taking more action, implementing what you learn & achieving better results...

Although, before we cover exactly how it works, let me highlight the remarkable power of this technique, based on the results of a research study conducted in the UK…

This particular study involved 248 individuals who aimed to develop better exercise habits over a period of two weeks...

The subjects were divided into three groups...

  • Group 1: Control group: only asked to track their exercise frequency.

  • Group 2: The 'Motivation' group: were instructed not only to track their workouts but also to read materials on the benefits of exercise. (including, researchers explaining how exercise could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease & improve heart health)

  • Group 3: 'Implementation Intention': These participants received the same presentation as the 2nd group, ensuring that their motivation levels were the same. However, they were also asked to formulate a plan specifying when & where they would exercise during the following week.

Each member of the third group completed the following sentence:

“During the next week, I will engage in at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE].”

Now, the results...

In the 1 & 2 groups, only 35% to 38% of individuals exercised at least once a week...

However, in the 3rd group (after applying this 'implementation intention' statement)… a staggering 91% exercised at least once per week!

(That's right, the increase was from 35% to 91%!)

It becomes even more remarkable when you consider that the only difference between the groups was this one statement, which took them (& would likely take you!) less than 60 seconds to complete!

This powerful sentence that participants filled out is now referred to by researchers as an "implementation intention."

It can be considered one of the simplest yet highly effective techniques for taking action & getting results in life.

Now, it's time to implement...

Let me ask you: what is something you have been delaying, procrastinating on, or putting off for a later date?

One of the reasons you may not have taken action on it is the lack of specificity (when, where, etc?)… 

This is precisely what an "implementation intention" helps you to address…

Take that thing you have been failing to implement or take action on & clarify the when & where…

By doing so, your likelihood of actually taking action increases significantly!

Please fill it out now:

‘I will complete [TASK/PROJECT] on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE].’

Aim for instant implementation… so do it now 😃


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The Root Cause Of Unhappiness?

As Don Herold once said;

‘Unhappiness is not knowing what we want and then killing ourselves to get it’

And when you look at how most people have been taught to approach life, you can’t help but wonder how much truth there is in his words...

Instead of taking the time to figure out what we truly want in life, we fall into chasing other people's dreams... working hard to make it happen... only to be disappointed/unhappy later.

Seems a lot more intelligent to figure out what you want first...


Free ‘Habit Tracker’ Download

Another good way to boost implementation & consistency over time is to use not just the ‘implementation intention’ technique we covered at the start (defining a clear time & place for the activity you need to get done) but also using a… ‘habit tracker’

A habit tracker motivates you by visually showing you your progress & consistency…

Go a few days without doing your habit (be it a daily meditation, workout, run, or reading session) & you’ll be motivated to get back on the bandwagon…

And if you’re consistent, the ‘habit tracker’ will make you feel even better & you won’t want to break the chain of consistency you already have going!

To help you with these, we’ve got a free ‘habit tracker’ you can download (for free) as a thank you for reading this week’s newsletter!

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