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‘Focus Blocks’ (Or… Get 3X More Done In The Same Amount Of Time)

One of the best ways to eradicate distraction, improve focus & get more done — making this one of the best 'productivity hacks' out there — are what are known as 'focus blocks' (or 'block time').

What you do is you pick a specific task or project to work on, remove all distractions beforehand, set a timer & only work on this 1 task for that period of time...

Once (& only once) the timer ends & you're out of the 'focus block' you can reengage with the world around you...

(think of it like a meeting you're setting with yourself, to complete one specific task, project, or goal, free from interruption.)

Regarding how much time you should set, this is a topic of much debate...

One popular application of this 'focus blocks' strategy for example is what's become known as the 'Pomodoro Method.'

Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, this technique involves dedicating focused study time for 25-minute blocks (called 'Pomodoro Blocks') followed by a 5 minute break between blocks.

Another example are what are known as 'Jam Sessions', which are longer 90 minute blocks of time...

(based on the idea that many of the systems in our body follow not 60, but 90 minute cycles & we can align with that.)

Generally, the longer the time, the better... although there is a limit as your brain needs to take breaks to function optimally as well.

Also, you don't want to start with very long periods of time right away… rather, you want to train your way up to it.

The key is to create these times (like meetings with yourself) where interruption or even other tasks that are not the 1 that you're focused on right now, cannot enter distract you.

Schedule your first (or next) 'focus block' today 😎 


‘Exaptation’ (Or… The Overlooked Approach For Coming Up With Brilliant Ideas & Creative Solutions With Ease)

Want to be more creative? Well, here's a great 'creativity hack' you can use to start doing exactly that in your work & life...

In 1971, the world of evolutionary biology introduced us to the term "exaptation." 

The term was initially defined as:

"the process by which features acquire functions for which they were not originally adapted or selected."

Fast forward to more recent times & we see this concept migrating from biology to creativity, thanks to thought-provoking works like "Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History Of Innovation" by Steven Johnson.

Here, "exaptation" (today's 'creativity hack') starts to take on a broader meaning — it becomes about drawing inspiration from diverse fields & applying those insights to your own work...

(like borrowing ideas from one playground & bringing them to another to create something entirely new).

To explain, let's look at some real-world examples to illustrate how exaptation has shaped groundbreaking innovations:

  1. James Dyson's Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry by taking inspiration from industrial cyclones used in sawmills. He applied this concept to create a bagless vacuum cleaner, forever changing how we clean our homes.

  2. Gamification: Think about language learning apps and fitness trackers. They borrowed elements from gaming, like the use of points, badges & streaks to keep users engaged & applies those same ideas to a completely different fields like education (language learning), meditation, exercise, etc. This fusion of entertainment & education is a classic example of exaptation.

  3. Steve Jobs' Approach: The late Apple co-founder wasn't just about computers; he drew inspiration from diverse sources like Zen Buddhism & calligraphy. These influences shaped Apple's emphasis on design and aesthetics, creating a unique brand identity that remains to this day.

  4. NASA's Origami-Inspired Solutions: NASA scientists turned to origami to solve space exploration challenges. By studying the folding patterns of origami, they developed deployable solar panels, antenna arrays, and robotic arms. This cross-disciplinary approach led to efficient space solutions.

Here's the framework:

Exaptation: looking at how you can apply elements of other fields, discoveries, innovations, etc into your own.

The question for you is... how can you start applying this as a 'creativity hack' today?

Take the creative challenge you're looking to solve & start to explore completely different fields, asking yourself...

"How can this be applied to my creative challenge?"

Also be sure to venture out of your field for novel inputs that can inspire you in this way…

This way of thinking will cause you to come up with a lot more & a lot more diverse (which is what 'creativity' really is) ideas & solutions!

Stay curious, be creative & keep growing!

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Getting Into The ‘Flow State’

In one of the other most popular TedTalks of all time, one of the world's greatest researchers & psychologists, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, talks about the 'flow state'...

If you're not familiar, the 'flow state' is a state in which we feel our best & perform our best... shown to produce radical improvements in creativity, decision-making, learning & productivity!

Learn more about the flow state here:

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